When you see people wearing a bubble ball or bubble soccer suit you probably assume they are just playing soccer, when in fact there are a ton more games that are just as fun.

Standard Bubble Soccer

Standard bubble soccer is very similar to real soccer. Bubble soccer just has less rules like no off-sides and no goalies. You are welcome to have as many people on the field as you would like, this will of course depend on the size of the field and the total number of players you have.

Capture the Flag

Each team will get a flag of some sort on their side of the field. The flag should be in plain sight. Participants will attempt to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their side of the field without being touched. You can also use a soccer ball instead of a flag because it’s not always easy to use your hands while inside a bubble ball.


I’m sure you have played tag hundreds of times in your life so there isn’t much explaining to do. However, with bubble balls, you can play two ways: someone can be tagged “it” when they are either knocked down or when are simply touched.

King of the Circle

Draw a big circle or some sort of designated area where people will begin the game. Participants will bump each other until there is only one person left in the circle.

Relay Race

Relay races are simple, you will have teams with multiple players on each team. Participants will run to a designated spot and back, touch their teammate, then it’s their turn to run. First team with all players across the finish line, wins. You can allow participants to bump the other players while running if you want to add a little spice to the game.

There are so many different games you can play with bubble soccer balls. We encourage you to create your own games as well! If you know any other bubble soccer games, leave a comment below.